How the Rio backstops look like

That's a good kept secret!

You'll find out watching the opening game, August 6, 2016 12:00
(local time). Check out the schedule

Not your average backstop
As supplier of all basketball backstops to the Rio Games, we are excited and proud to have 28 units ready for competition. The Rio de Janeiro 2016 backstops have a higher quality than the standard FIBA Level 1 Super SAM 325 and are manufactured according to the special Rio design. 

Up for sale
After the event, the backstops will be up for sale. Obviously all sponsoring and Olympic logo’s will be taken off after the event. 
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Test Event backstops
The backstops used in the Olympic basketball Test Event were also custom made. 

The unique Rio basketball backstops which will be used in August 2016, will look different than the Test Event backstops. 
View the Test Event backstops here

Olympic Test Event basketball 2016 backstops