Ceiling and wall-mounted goals

Schelde Sports is a leading name in basketball. We provide all possible equipment for that purpose. Balls, nets, rings, boards, flooring. Not to forget basketball frames, of course. We supply not only the mobile SAM but also fixed frames. After all, a fixed system may simply offer a better solution from a construction point of view. Or it may be a better option for the level of sport played. 

More room in the storage area
Sports halls are often fully booked, and efficiency is therefore an important consideration when choosing equipment. When it comes to basketball, one of the options is an electrically operated ceiling basketball goal. It can be set up and tidied away in no time at all, and keeps the floor free. The ceiling goals can be retracted forwards or backwards and have a maximum suspension height of 10 metres. Schelde Sports also has a wide range of wall-mounted basketball goals for all playing skills. Electrically or manually operated, side or upward folding, adjustable in height or width, or fixed.

Everything is tailor-made
The wall or ceiling mounted basketball goals are made to measure. This means Schelde Sports supplies ceiling and wall mounted basketball goals in any size and shape. From a fixed, wall-mounted wooden backboard to 10-metre long ceiling goals that comply with all norms (EN-1270, DIN-7892 and FIBA level 2) and are suitable for top-level basketball.

There is a world of possible configurations for both wall and ceiling mounted goals.

  • Glass board, perspex board, fibreglass, or wooden backboards
  • Either electrically, winch, or rod operated
  • Ring height electrically or manually adjustable from 260 to 305 cm
  • Pro-Strength or Pro-Action™ dunk ring, or school ring

We will be pleased to advise you on the best solution for your situation.

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