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Questions? Call us on +31 (0) 492 530 944

Kicking off the FIBA 3x3 World Tour: Utsunomiya Edition

Ub Huishan NE claims victory in FIBA World Tour opening event

The FIBA 3x3 World Tour has officially begun its 12th edition in Utsunomiya, Japan, marking the start of the most prestigious event in 3x3 basketball worldwide. The tour, featuring 13 events across the globe, brings together the top 3x3 basketball teams to compete for the 3x3 World Tour title. In the opening event, Ub Huishan NE emerged victorious. Aside from the team competitions, individual contests such as the Maurice Lacroix Shoot-out Contest and Ashikawa Bank Dunk Contest also showcased the players' talents. Matthias Linortner from Vienna, Austria, won the former contest, while Joel Henry, also known as 'The Royal Guard' from Great Britain, claimed the latter.

Schelde Sports, with its SAM 3x3 basketball backstop, is present during all the 3x3 World Tour events, providing a reliable and sturdy portable backstop for the players to showcase their skills on the 3x3 court.

Unleashing the Best: Schelde Sports' 3x3 assortment

As an official partner of FIBA 3x3, Schelde Sports is providing top-quality equipment for all 3x3 basketball events worldwide. The SAM 3x3 portable basketball backstop is present during every FIBA 3x3 event, including the FIBA 3x3 World Cup in Vienna and the FIBA 3x3 World Tour. In addition to the SAM 3x3, Schelde Sports' 3x3 assortment also includes the versatile 3x3 Street Slammer, perfect for all types of 3x3 basketball events, and the SAM School 3x3, designed specifically for use in school settings, encouraging youth participation and promoting the growth of 3x3 basketball.

SAM 3x3
The official FIBA 3x3 World Tour basketball backstop
Product number: 1612250
3x3 Street Slammer
The ideal backstop for all your 3x3 events
Product number: 1627830
SAM School 3x3
Highly suitable for school use: mobile, compact and adjustable in height
Product number: 1626141