Rings, nets, boards

Each basketball situation has its own requirements in terms of equipment. One thing is sure: as a manager, trainer or teacher, you want to get things organised. Schelde Sports can supply everything you need. Official FIBA equipment but also equipment for use in schools, for example.

The heaviest slam dunk
From fixed ring to practice dunk ring. All Schelde Sports basketball rings can withstand the heaviest slam dunk. The Pro-Action™ dunk ring with all its incorporated features is suitable for top competition use. And the Pro-Strength dunk ring is FIBA certified. The other extreme is the anti-vandalism ring for outdoor use: super strong and straightforward. The ideal solution for any game situation therefore.

Strong stuff
You also have the choice of three versions of nets. The anti-whip competition net, for example, which ensures the ball does not bounce back out of the basket. The boards are available in Perspex, safety glass, multiplex or fibreglass. They’re strong, stronger, strongest, as it were. The safety glass competition board is an official FIBA model. Beautifully finished with a white painted steel frame.

And there's more
The top competition level calls for accessories such as a LED strip, a shot clock with suspension brackets and a possession indicator. Schelde Sports can also supply these of course. Including all the necessary connecting cables and sockets. All models comply with the FIBA requirements.

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