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Questions? Call us on +31 (0) 492 530 944

Basketball board LED strips Red 180x105, Set of 2.

LED strip set for mounting around a acrylglass basketball board.

Product number: 3183039
Delivery time: max. 6 weeks


The backboard light is composed of several self-adhesive strips that are easily fixed to the backside of the basketball backboard. Small connection cables that link the individual strips make a full perimeter light on the basketball backboard. The set includes all connection cables, self-adhesive connector box and 5 m of connection between the connector box and the shot clock cabinet. Set of 2 backboard lights.

Important to know

  • Required for FIBA Level 1 and FIBA Level 2 competitions
  • Lights up at end of each quarter
  • To be linked with shot clock


Length 170 cm
Height 95 cm
Diameter 1 cm
Color Red
Quantity Set of 2



LED backboard lights (yellow)
For official sized backboards. Set of 2.
Product number: 3183060