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Questions? Call us on 0492-530944

Basketball backboard, acrylic

Competition board for mounting on metal frame

€774.00 excl. VAT

Product number: 3211130
Delivery time: max. 6 weeks


• for competition use
• 180x105 cm, 12 mm thick
• only available in international competition size
• for mounting on a metal backing frame (not included)
• includes mounting materials

Important to know

  • Notch in board at height of ring
  • 12 mm thick blemish-free acrylic glass
  • All edges are slightly rounded
  • Equipped with distinct point lines


Width 180 cm
Height 105 cm
Material Acrylic
Type Backboard



Protective padding basketball backboard, 50 mm slot
Available in various notches (diameters)
Product number: 1611361
€142.00 excl. VAT
Basket ring, springy 105 kg
FIBA and EN-1270 safety norm compliant
Product number: 3211250
€482.00 excl. VAT