Why choose Schelde Sports!

For the highest level of competition
Wherever great basketball is played, you will find Schelde Sports portable basketball backstops setting the world standard for excellence. Our portable backstops were developed in line with the regulations issued by FIBA Study centre, to meet or exceed all requirements for the highest level of performance, safety and play.

Best for players, best for fans
Schelde's safe, stable, reliable equipment is a favourite among players in over 100 countries. Even after the meanest monster dunk, the basket returns to the static position in seconds.

No wobbly baskets. No bent frames. No shifting bases. No shattered backboards.

Players are free to play the game the way it was meant to be played. And Schelde's sleek, elegant lines and low visual profile put the spectator right in the action, offering better sight lines and fewer blind spots. So people in the premium seats behind the goal get a clear view of the game.

SAM and DSF: quick set up, better performance 
No other portable goals set up quicker, perform better or can endure more punishment than Schelde units. When we invented the SAM (Spring Assisted Mechanism), this eliminated the need for electrical and hydraulic systems, and all the problems associated with them.

Schelde's SAM engineering and DSF (Dynamic Sub Frame) make raising and leveling the unit 5 second process - not minutes or hours. With just a single push, one person can easily raise the unit into game position while simultaneously leveling the base and placing the ring at precisely 305 cm.

More info?
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