Setting up the net in no time!

08 March 2016

The durable SRX (Spring Regulated eXchange) system allows perfect net tension under all circumstances and offers extra support during ball impacts. Together with the spindle and cable grip, the net can be put under tension in no time!
Instant height adjustment
This new range of volleyball posts makes setting up the net a piece of cake! Instant height adjustment is made possible by the worry-free single grip tension handle.

The perfect tension
You no longer need to mark or measure the net height yourself. Thanks to the included net height indicator for volleyball, badminton and tennis, the perfect tension is set in the blink of an eye!

Kevlar champion
Super strong and durable Kevlar cable for fixing the net to the post.

There's more to come
A telescopic version will be available soon!

Check out the SRX set

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