Features Super SAM

Spring Assisted Mechanism

SAM (Spring Assisted Mechanism) was invented by Schelde Sports to eliminate the problems and complexities associated with hydraulic and electro-mechanical lift systems. No hydraulic pumps, hoses or fluids to service. No motors or gears to grease. Nothing to repair. Designed to last, well, almost forever.

With just a simple push, one person can easily raise the unit into game position. Folding the unit is just as simple, assisted by the natural force of gravity.

Dynamic Sub Frame (DSF)

Dynamic Sub FrameSchelde’s patented Dynamic Sub Frame (DSF) is uniquely designed to simultaneously transfer weight from the wheels to the subframe using energy from the springs. The subframe is a steel bar with a resilient protective pad that evenly distributes weight along the floor. This system automatically stabilizes the unit and places the ring at precisely 305 cm. The even distribution of weight guarantees maximum protection of vulnerable sportsfloors.

Patented Dunk Proof Glass Backboard

The ring attaches to the metal plate in the backboard, which is connected to the main beam. No bolts pass through the glass – so dunking never places stress on the glass. Patent #6053826

Full-Perimeter Steel frame

Protects the backboard from stress.

Backboard bracing

Enables perfect backboard adjustment.

Slim Design Impact Area Padding

Slim design impact padding covers the front and sides for greater safety. Impact padding colour is blue; also available in black, red, orange, yellow green.

Instant fine-tuning of ring height

Instant fine-tuning of ring height whilst goal in game position

Lockable Deadlock tensioner

Standard on all SAM goals, the Deadlock Tensioner creates a crosslink between the vertical support structures and helps reduce vibration.

New Power Beam and Heavy-Duty Vertical Support

Power beam and vertical support constructed with high-tensile strength steel provides optimum rigidity and strength.

Automatic Beam Lock

Automatic beam lock in storage position.

Easy Storing Forklift Tubes

Forklift tubes are standard on all SAM goals. This feature allows more flexibility when moving and storing goals in busy arenas.

Automatic Snap Lock

The spring-activated positive locking pin automatically snaps into place when the goal is fully raised. This handy feature locks the goal in position until the deadlock tensioner is engaged.

Extra Wheels and Integrated Rear Anchor System

Triple swivel wheels in front and triple rigid wheels in rear enhance mobility and minimize stress on floor surfaces. Standard integrated rear anchor system included.