IOC: 3x3 basketball to become an Olympic discipline

13 June 2017

Schelde Sports official partner of the FIBA International Basketball Federation until 2020
On Friday 9 June 2017, it was announced that the IOC has added 3x3 basketball to the Tokyo Olympic Games competition schedule. 

The Dutch Schelde Sports has joined forces with FIBA and will be their exclusive partner for the 3x3 World Tour - allowing them to exclusively supply all official 3x3 basketball equipment. The only other 3x3 World Tour partners are Nike, Wilson and Sport Court. 

3x3 basketball is a rapidly growing urban sport. This version of basketball was first played in neighbourhoods across the United States and is now played by over 250 million people worldwide. 3x3 has been a separate FIBA discipline since 2013 and is set to become an official Olympic category in 2020.

About Schelde Sports
Schelde Sports, like Janssen Fritsen, is one of the French ABEO group’s strongest brands. Schelde Sports was founded in the Dutch town of Goes in 1892 as a manufacturer of gymnastics equipment. In the basketball community, the brand is known worldwide for its portable and fixed systems. The Super SAM goals include features such as a dunk-proof glass board and a Pro-Action dunk ring adjustable by 180 degrees. 

In the past, Schelde Sports has supplied basketball equipment for the Montréal, Moscow, Barcelona, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. As a FIBA certificate holder, Schelde Sports has been involved with the FIBA 3x3 World Tour from the start. From 7-9 July, the 3x3 Basketball Europe Cup tournament will be played at Museumplein in Amsterdam – the same location where the 2019 Word Cup tournament will be held.

Schelde Sports Statement 
Bart Prinssen, spokesman for Schelde Sports, says: “Although the Netherlands doesn’t have a strong basketball tradition, our SAM basketball goals are globally recognized as the best of their kind. SAM goals are incredibly sturdy, sustainable and safe, and easy to move and store. All Schelde Sports products are designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands.” 

About 3x3
3x3 Basketball is played by two teams of three players. They use half a basketball court and one hoop. The 3x3 game is a single period of 10 minutes and the first team to score 21 points wins. The game uses a 12-second shot clock instead of the standard 24-second one. A team has to score or attempt to score within this time frame. There is no three-point line, only a two-point line. Every shot scored from behind this line is worth 2 points and every shot scored from inside the arc is worth 1 point. As soon as a team scores, the other team gets to immediately continue the game by dribbling the ball or passing it to another player. Another shot may be taken as soon as one team has cleared the two-point line.

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Helmond/Lausanne, 13 June 2017