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Schelde Sport Lighting

Tired of the slow start up time, low light levels and high energy cost of your current gym lighting? With the Schelde SportLight, you can double the brightness of your gym lighting and save your facility 50% or more on its energy costs. Brilliant. Long-lasting. Instant on/off. Economical. The Schelde SportLight is an innovative lighting system that quickly pays for itself.

Better Lighting for a Better Game.
In demanding gym sports such as basketball and volleyball, blind spots and excessive glare can impair an athlete's ability to locate and play the ball. Poor lighting diminishes the quality of athletic competition and is a constant problem in many gyms. The Schelde SportLight provides clean, diffused lighting that eliminates blind spots and glare, creating a environment that enhances sports competition and simply makes the game more fun to play.

Advanced Technology.
The Schelde SportLight marks the culmination of several advancements in lighting technology: 4100K tri-phospher fluorescent lamps, energy efficient high output electronic ballasts, 96% specular reflectors, and lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy construction. Engineered to maximize lamp efficiency and optimize light output, the Schelde SportLight is a smart replacement for expensive-to-operate metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures currently used in most gyms.

Brighter, Whiter Light.
The Schelde SportLight gives you the closest thing to natural sunlight with a color-rendering index rating of 85%. This new technology provides virtually twice the brightness of conventional gym lights.

Lower Energy Cost. Quick Payback.
Most Schelde SportLight customers report energy savings of 50% to 55%. This allows most installations to pay for themselves within two years.

Longer Lamp Life. Lower Fixture Cost.
The Schelde SportLight fixture costs 20% less and lasts 20% longer than conventional gym lights. Over its 24,000-hour lifetime, it maintains 94% of its initial luminosity, compared to 65% for most gym lights.

Instant On.
Unlike conventional gym lights, which typically take 15 minutes to reach full brightness, the Schelde SportLight comes on instantly. No more waiting for lights to warm up.

Easy to Install.
The Schelde SportLight is delivered ready to install. With its Slip-Fit hanging system, this lightweight aluminum fixture is designed for quick and easy installation.

Easy to Order.
Call toll-free 1-888-SCHELDE (724-3533) to speak with a Schelde SportLight specialist. Or click on the "Quote Request" link to submit a description of your facility and needs. Our trained professionals will design a SportLight system that suits your facility and can help you estimate your cost savings.

Case Study - Before


Tri-Cities Family YMCA Grand Haven, Michigan

The Tri-Cities Family YMCA replaced its aging metal halide lamps with Schelde
SportLight 86 fixtures. The facility improved light levels by 100% and
cut their energy usage by more than 50%.